Seniors Talking over coffee

Anyone who has ever moved knows how stressful it can be. Whether downsizing, rightsizing, or just relocating, moving is one of the most nerve-racking things seniors can do.

Whether they decide to move or are forced to move because they need a safer living environment… need a smaller, easier to-manage home… or have reached the stage where it’s no longer safe to live alone or care for themselves without help… it’s challenging for older adults and their families when it’s time to pack up the house they’ve lived in for 30 years or more and start over somewhere else. Handling the details can be overwhelming and difficult for anyone. 

We at Senior Transition Experts realize that the adult children of aging parents have limited or no time to help with all the sorting, packing, moving and resettling that goes with a major move or downsizing. They probably have full-time jobs of their own and may live great distances from their aging parents.

Some seniors may even be single or without children and don’t have help of any kind. Moving and transitioning can be overwhelming and stress seniors to the max. Even when family help is available, emotions can run high, making the process trying for all.

We anticipate needs and can facilitate the entire transition process, relieving the stress from seniors and their family members.  We guide our clients regarding what to take, what to leave, what to sell, and what to get rid of.

Since downsizing often requires a bit of creativity and imagination, we can develop a floor plan of the new space and stage it so that the client can visualize what furniture will fit and where it will go. 

Our aim is to offer a seamless transition – by organizing and facilitating the move, and setting up and organizing the new home just in time for our client to walk right in. We can even facilitate the listing, staging and sale of the old house.

In short: We are here to help you or the people you love move on to the next phase of life by eliminating the stress associated with the move. We offer free consultations and a Veterans Discount.  Our goal is to smoothly transition our clients with exceptional results!